Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - General Topics

*Please review the Amenity Center and Pool Rules for complete information

The Amenity Center (Pool) - I lost my proximity card. How do I obtain a replacement?

If you have lost or do not have a proximity card, please contact Jennifer English at Certified Management of Austin.

The Amenity Center (Pool) - what can be brought in?

During the warm months, the pool is open to all residents during regular operating hours - if you enter outside these times, the alarm will sound and either a grumpy resident or a police officer will give you grief for trespassing. Repeat offenders or offensive violators will be prosectuted to the fullest extent of the law. The pools rule book contains it all, but common sense should prevail! If it is made out of glass, leave it at home - it can break and cut someone's feet. If it will litter, either bring your own garbage bag or bring it in tupperware. The garbage facilities cannot handle everyone having a picnic at the pool. Sunblock, towels, flip-flops, floating toys, are all good to go. Massive floating castles, wheels, or any large structures or inflatables are NOT allowed - you can drown a child and it is dangerous. Feel free to use them in your own pool if you are so equipped, but please leave them at home when you are enjoying our community pool facility.

The Amenity Center (Pool) - Keeping it clean!

If you like swimming, you probably like it clean. Everyone does. To maintain a certain level of cleanliness, everyone must participate. Keeping trash out of the pool is the first step, if you don't bring any in, then there is less of it at the location. The second step is considering the quality of the water. Please do not slather on tanning oil or sunblock and jump into the water - it clouds up the water and clogs the filters. Of course you need skin protection - selecting the waterproof type of sun-tan oil/sunblock and putting a thin film is sufficient. In most cases, the product use recommends that it be applied at least 30min prior to going into the water. Blocking the UV's by a 1/4 of an inch of the cream is not effective for you or the pool. Lastly - all children not potty trained MUST have a swim diaper. These are easily obtained at your local grocery store. All other swimwear MUST have a tight fitting lining so that in case of an accident the solid matter does not fall into the water. Open shorts or loose clothing is not allowed. Any cleanliness issues observed by residents should be reported immediately to a committee member or to the POA management company for clean-up.

When is the pool closed and when does it re-open?

General rule of thumb - if the weather is too cold (thus the water much colder) the pool is closed. Usually we are open in April, and close around November.